New Start English courses are the best option for those who feel they do not communicate effectively or find their performance in English is not good enough. Achieve your short or long-term goals studying in a closed group or with individual classes.


Regular courses from Basic to Advanced level – these can be taken as Business English or General English courses. In both courses we use books from Cambridge, Oxford and Macmillan publishing houses, thus ensuring dynamic, up-to-date teaching which helps the student communicate from day one.


Do you have an opportunity where you would like to show how well you speak English? An important meeting with a foreign client? An international workshop, training course or congress to attend? A teleconference? A talk or presentation in English? You can arrange a few classes to address the subject in question, which will give you the language and confidence to feel more comfortable and communicate more effectively.


Short custom- made courses are developed after a detailed analysis of the participant's short term needs and goals. They are usually 20 or 30 hour courses. We also offer two specific 20 hour courses: ‘Write better e-mails and reports’, ‘Communicate better in teleconferences and meetings’.


Preparation courses for English proficiency tests, including IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC and FCE - A course that helps you get a high score in the test, to secure your place in an overseas university, an exchange programme or get a good job. We offer companies our English evaluation service for recruitment. For jobseekers, we have preparation classes for interviews in English and a review of your résumé in English.