Business is global, so communicating well in English is a priority.
Being fluent in English opens new doors and keeps you competitive.

Located in Rio de Janeiro, New Start offers communicative and dynamic English courses. Optimize your time by learning the type of English you really need using our highly personalized service. New Start’s experienced and qualified native speaker teachers go to your work space, to give you lessons using teaching material that suits your needs and objectives.

Our goal is to have satisfied clients, communicating in English with confidence and efficiency.

- Stephanie Crockett, New Start Partner

The Company

To be part of a globalized, agile and increasingly qualified market requires an innovative approach to business and learning.

Start off on the right foot with New Start English Course. With over 30 years’ experience in the corporate market, we will always find the best option for you. Since 1989 we have worked with a wide variety of clients, from individuals and small companies to large multinationals. We satisfy our clients by providing a high quality, personalized service. The company is run by two TEFL qualified, British teachers with years of experience: Stephanie Crockett and Adam Reid.


New Start English courses are the best option for those who feel they do not communicate effectively or find their performance in English is not good enough. Achieve your short or long-term goals studying in a closed group or with individual classes.


Regular courses from Basic to Advanced level – these can be taken as Business English or General English courses. In both courses we use books from Cambridge, Oxford and Macmillan publishing houses, thus ensuring dynamic, up-to-date teaching which helps the student communicate from day one.


Do you have an opportunity where you would like to show how well you speak English? An important meeting with a foreign client? An international workshop, training course or congress to attend? A teleconference? A talk or presentation in English? You can arrange a few classes to address the subject in question, which will give you the language and confidence to feel more comfortable and communicate more effectively.


Short custom- made courses are developed after a detailed analysis of the participant's short term needs and goals. They are usually 20 or 30 hour courses. We also offer two specific 20 hour courses: ‘Write better e-mails and reports’, ‘Communicate better in teleconferences and meetings’.


Preparation courses for English proficiency tests, including IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC and FCE - A course that helps you get a high score in the test, to secure your place in an overseas university, an exchange programme or get a good job. We offer companies our English evaluation service for recruitment. For jobseekers, we have preparation classes for interviews in English and a review of your résumé in English.

New Start is much more than a course, it is where we find people interested in developing you and who are also frequently developing themselves, because their classes are interactive and the subjects varied, provoking a debate between student and teacher, where the excitement of both is clear. I feel more confident after each class.

Bernardo Moreira, KPMG Partner

I studied at New Start for 3 years and it was an excellent experience. My three teachers provided great leverage in the development of my English, which was fundamental for my professional and personal life.

Natasha Britto, RH Lafarge


New Start stands out because you have contact with experienced, qualified teachers whose native language is English.

Our lessons are engaging and relevant to your needs. You don’t waste time because our teachers go to you, optimizing your time and your learning.
Our teachers have a TEFL certificate (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) and experience. They are regularly observed by one of the New Start directors and keep up to date with innovative methodologies through recommended online workshops.
Our teachers have access to extensive teaching resources. We also have our own New Start material bank, which provides authentic texts from online business magazines and videos from CNN and BBC. We write accompanying worksheets for better comprehension as well as to learn new vocabulary, expressions and to generate discussion.

How to start

You take a leveling test by e-mail after which you have an in-person interview with one of the course directors. During the interview we do a ‘needs analysis’ to decide the best study programme to meet your aims. We send you a proposal with the details of your study programme. We choose a suitable teacher for you and one of the partners - Stephanie or Adam - will be responsible for managing your programme.


New Start can meet your specific language training needs. Here are some of the companies that have used our services:

The British School

We provide regular classes and personalized courses for the support staff.


New Start taught regular classes and customized courses for this oil company.


New Start taught regular classes and customized courses for this company for several years.


New Start taught individual classes to 30 students who studied English with specific vocabulary for the financial market.

Shell Brasil

New Start helped prepare employees and their families for overseas positions, as well as providing regular executive courses.


This firm hired New Start to give regular classes and intensive courses, with an emphasis on finance and business.


New Start has served a range of professionals including doctors, university professors, lawyers, engineers and executives from companies such as Deloitte, Trent Rossi Watanabe, Sebrae, Anbima, BNDES, Petrobras and L'Óreal.

Contact us:

+ 55 21 99392-7215

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